The Dark Side of Working With Your Passion | Podcast

This week Niall returns to the podcast to discuss motivation, productivity, and the dark side of working with your passion.

Live Streaming of Virtual Meeting | City of Milpitas

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Automating Your Freelance Business - With Michael ”Fritz” Fritzius

Today we welcome successful freelancer and entrepreneur Michael "Fritz" Fritzius to the podcast to discuss automation in your freelance business. We also dive deep into the fear of failure and how to overcome it.




You can find Michael "Fritz" Fritzius on linked in here:  and his company Arch Dev Ops:

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Secret Tips For Landing Freelance Clients - With Gavin Wiener

In this episode, we welcome veteran freelancer Gavin Wiener onto the show to discuss his amazing freelance journey, life as a nomad in Bali, and how he started his career and landed his first clients as a developer.



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Gavins Website: 

LeapFrog Leads: 


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The Secret Sauce of Freelancing with Jamie Brindle

Joining us in this week's episode is Jamie Brindle, experienced freelancer and founder at Brindlescotch. Jamie has a wildly popular Instagram page where he shares informative and relatable videos on freelancing. We talk about Jamie's best tips for getting freelance clients, working with partners and other freelancers and whether or not you should form a company. 



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Jacob --> @jb1yo

Niall --> @niallpfc

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Nick Kyriakides - A Glance Into The Life of a Successful Post Production Artist

Joining us in this week's episode is award-winning Freelance Post-Production Artist and YunoJuno's top freelancer of 2020 Nick Kyriakides! We dive DEEP into the life and work of Nick as a Freelance Post-Production Artist. From recording and editing kickflip videos as a hobby to working with the biggest brands on the planet, find out how he did it all in this week's episode of the 100k Freelance Club Podcast.

Follow Nick on Instagram --> @nkcourses and @nkfilms

Check our his amazing courses for freelancers -->




Niall 0:16
Hello, welcome back to another episode of the 100k a freelancer club podcast the show which helps you on your journey to becoming a high earning freelancer. My name is Norma corn and alongside me as always, we've got Jacob Brickell, JV How are you? Are you still sunburn?

Jacob 0:31
That is a very good question. And fortunately, I am not sunburn. I've moved on to the stage. So yeah, currently shedding my...

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Post-festive Motivation! Getting back in the groove after time off

After some well earned time off over Christmas and New Year, how do you kickstart things again as a freelancer? How do you regain your motivation? Niall McCaughan and Jacob Brickell share their tips and thoughts (including Jacob's Christmas present mishap!) in the first 100k Freelancer Club Podcast episode of 2021. 


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Freelancing In The 'New Norm'

In this episode, Jacob and Niall discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the freelancing scene and what its like freelancing in the 'new norm' that we currently live in. 

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PODCAST: Avoiding Scams

In this episode of the 100k Freelancer Club Podcast Jacob and Niall discuss how to spot and avoid scammers. Freelancers and small businesses are often faced with scams that are often disguised as tax requests or notifications, fake client inquiries, and fake services.

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PODCAST: How Has Coronavirus Affected Freelancers?

The world has been turned upside down with strict measures put in place by governments across the globe in an attempt to contain COVID-19. How has it affected freelancers and the freelance market place? Will getting new clients or even keeping existing clients be an uphill struggle? What industries have been hit the hardest and what industries are booming? Join lifetime freelancers Jacob and Niall as they dive into discussing the virus's devastating effects on freelancers. 

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PODCAST: Living The Digital Nomad Lifestyle With Rosanne Schipper - @happyfreelancerstruggles

On this episode of the podcast Rosanne Schipper @happyfreelancerstruggles joins us.

Rosanne is a content creator who has been living the digital nomad lifestyle that most of us dream of.

We discuss how Rosanne got into freelancing, her passion for travel and how she is able to maintain a constant flow of work and productivity no matter where in the world she finds herself.

Rosanne also shares with us how COVID-19 has affected her, her work and her productivity.

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Niall: @niallpfc

Rosanne: @happyfreelancerstruggles

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